Clean "N" Press has been operating for more than ten years. We have the experience and confidence to provide the best service possible. 

We Know that some garments could be difficult to deal with such as color run, beads, and shrinkage. We know as well that some stains could be difficult if not impossible to remove during normal household cleaning.

We have the experience and knowledge in both Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning procedures as well as extensive use of a wide range of chemicals and cleaning agents to assist in removing the most difficult of stains.

We will inspect every single garment individually. We discuss with you the possible cleaning method suitable. After your agreement, we will proceed with care and with the sole aim of providing the best possible results without damaging the garment. 



Dry cleaning is a process of cleaning that uses petroleum base solvent rather than water. We use it to clean delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the rough and tumble of a washing machine and clothes dryer. this method is most suited for Wool, Kashmere and silk garments such us gents and ladies suits, dresses coats as well as curtains, upholstery covers, some bed throw-overs and blankets



Washing these days is easily done at home using an automatic washing machine.; however, it is not suitable for washing duvet, throws, mattress protector, blankets etc,

Our professional machines are able to clean and dry the above and more.

We even have the capacity to clean industrial wear and servicing the laundry needs for B & B, farmhouses and Hotels.


We understand how important and valuable your bridal wear is. We promise to proceed with care and extra attention to details and beads without compromise with the effective cleaning, stain removal, and professional finishing 

Upon request, your wedding Dress will be boxed and wrapped in PH neutral paper so It can be stored for years without aging. 


The cleaning is not complete if the garment is not pressed finished and well presented. That is why we invested heavily in the state of the art finishing machines such as the finishing cabinet. The latter smooths the fabric by blowing the garments using steam from inside-out. We also have industrial ironing tables with powerful steam. these machines coupled with our expertise allow us to be confident that we provide the best finishing results for all your garments and ironing needs.




Rugs, as you know, need to be cleaned from time to time. Our services range from Dry Cleaning, laundry and using a carpet cleaning machine. We inspect your rug and will let you know which cleaning method is suitable.

As mentioned above a carpet Cleaning machine is available in our premises. If you need to Clean your carpet. you can hire out the machine and do the work yourselves or we can do it for you. Either way, the result will be professional and affordable.


our service is done by a professional seamestress. We guaranty the best finish possible all the time.